Naresh Agarwal
नमस्ते Namastē! My name is Naresh Agarwal .

नरेश narēś = nar (man) + ēś (God) = King = God among men.


My research interest is in information behavior and knowledge management. I am interested in studying how people go about looking for information and the contextual factors that impact the way people choose information sources. (…)


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I’m an Associate Professor at the School of Library and Information Science at Simmons College, Boston. 

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Apart from service to the school and college, I’ve served in leadership roles at ASIS&T, the Association for Information Science & Technology.
I am currently a Board Member and Director of the Chapter Assembly. I was awarded the James M. Cretsos Leadership Award for 2012. (…)


My teaching areas are:

Technology for Info. Profls.
Evaluation of Info. Services
Knowledge Management
Web Development / Info. Arch.

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I got my Ph.D. from

Prior to entering the Ph.D. program at NUS, I worked for six years in technology roles in the voice-over-IP, bioInformatics and digital cinema industries. See my timeline spanning employment to education (nus, ntu, tna) to growing up.


I endeavor to identify with each person and see happiness as a decision. Learn about my 7 commandments in life, identity, my thoughts and work on the Bhagavad Gita. See my beautiful people album and meet my family, friends and me.

Be happy always!


I’ve been a debater and public speaker and like to paint in oil and watercolor in my free time. I have engaged in professional and informal writing (blog), poetry, acting / modeling, among other things.


Know about my home-state Sikkim and India, about Singapore where I spent 14 years, about the USA where I live now and my travels to other countries.

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