Listed below are 1) conference presentations, 2) workshops, colloquiums and consortiums, and 3) panel presentations.


  • Happiness as a learning outcome in the digital age. Library 2.011 worldwide virtual conference, Nov 2, 2011.
  • Verifying survey items for Construct Validity: A two-stage Sorting Procedure for Questionnaire Design in Information Behavior Research. ASIS&T 2011, New Orleans, LA, Oct 11, 2011.
  • Ram’s Search for Sita in the Ramayana: Information Seeking in an Ancient Indian Epic. Virtual presentation for the First Annual Conference on Information and Religion, Center for the Study of Information and Religion, Kent State University, Kent, OH, May 20 open access on publisher website | author full-text PDF | video presentation
  • Information Source and its Relationship with the Context of Information Seeking Behavior. iConference 2011, Seattle, WA, Feb 8-11.
  • Delineating the boundary of ‘Context’ in Information Behavior: Towards a Contextual Identity Framework. ASIS&T 2009, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, Nov 6-11.
  • Information-Seeking Behavior Based on an Integrated Framework of Information Seeking & Information Retrieval. 9th APRU DSC 2008, Vladivostok, Russia, Jul 14-18
  • Impediments to sharing knowledge outside the school: Lessons learnt from the development of a taxonomic e-learning portal. ICIS 2007, Montreal, Canada, Dec 9-12
  • Barriers to sharing knowledge across Singapore schools: Lessons Learnt from the development of the Educational Taxonomy Portal. 8th APRU DSC 2007, Tokyo, Japan, Jul 30-Aug 3.
  • HCI & Information Search: Capturing Task & Searcher Characteristics through ‘User Ability to Specify Information Need’. HCII 2007, Beijing, China, Jul 22-27.
  • Factors Affecting 3G Adoption: An Empirical Study. PACIS 2007, Auckland, New Zealand, Jul 3-6.
  • Effective Information Management through an Information Searcher-Provider Fit Framework. 7th APRU DSC 2006, Singapore, Jul 17-21.
  • Making sense of an Electronic Document – Visualization Strategies for Concept Presentation.EDOCW 2006, Hong Kong, Oct 16-20.
  • Asia Card ’98 Conference, Singapore, June 25-27, 1998 (team member)


  • Miller, K. and Agarwal, N.K. (workshop proposal accepted). Doctoral Student Boot Camp: Preparing for Successful Entry to the Job Market. ASIS&T 2012 Annual Meeting (Baltimore, MD, Oct 26-30).author full-text PDF
  • One of 17 participants in an intensive international workshop on ‘SCORE: Serendipity, Chance and Opportunity in Information Discovery’, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, April 28-May 1, 2012.  Gave public presentation titled ‘Serendipity and its relationship with the Contextual elements in Information Behavior’.
  • Co-chaired a half-day workshop on theory building along with Martha Garcia-Murillo at the iConference 2012, Toronto, Canada, Feb 7, 2012. The workshop was titled, “Making a Contribution Part II: (A) Process vs. static  theories,  (B)  Concepts,  the  building  blocks  of Theory”. The workshop was very well received with around 23 very engaged participants. on conference website
  • Participated in the early career colloquium for Junior Faculty at the iConference 2012, Toronto, Canada, Feb 10, 2012.
  • Participated in a week-long Blended Learning Institute organized by Academic Technology at Simmons College, Jan 7-14, 2011.
  • Invited to and participated in the International Workshop on Opportunistic Discovery of Information, University of Missouri (Columbia, MO, Oct 21-22, 2010); explored the conceptual space of serendipity in information behavior. workshop participants
  • Nominated & selected to represent NUS at the Doctoral Consortium (Doctoral Consortium Fellow),Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS 2008), Suzhou, China, Jul 3-4, 2008.
  • Information Systems Research Workshop, School of Computing, NUS, Jul 19, 2005


  1. Miller, K. and Agarwal, N.K. (panel proposal accepted). Preparing for the Academic Job Market: An interactive Panel for Doctoral Students. ASIS&T 2012 Annual Meeting (Baltimore, MD, Oct 26-30).author full-text PDF
  2. Preparing doctoral students for the academic job market. Part of ASIS&T SIG/ED panel organized by Cassidy Sugimoto and Laura Christopherson at the ASIS&T 2011 Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, Oct 9-13. open access on publisher website | publisher full-text PDF
  3. Forecasting the Next 10 Years in Information Behavior Research:  A Fish Bowl Dialogue (debated on ‘context’ as part of an extremely stimulating  discussion with leaders of the field; heavily attended and recorded session; went live on Second Life), ASIS&T 2009, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, Nov 6-11.
    • Mentioned in Burnett, G. and Erdelez, S. (Feb/Mar 2010) Forecasting the Next 10 Years in Information Behavior Research: A Fish Bowl Dialogue. ASIS&T Bulletin, 36(3), p.45 open access on publisher website

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