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  • Oct 2012 Was awarded the James M. Cretsos Leadership Award for 2012. The award was established in 1992 to recognize a new ASIS&T member who has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities in professional ASIS&T activities.
  • Oct 2012 – present Deputy Director, Chapter Assembly (a 3-year commitment leading to Director and Past Director) and a member of the ASIS&T board.
  • Oct 2012 – present Past Chair, SIG/ED
  • Oct 2011 – Oct 2012 Chair, SIG/ED – Special Interest Group on Education for Information Science (Chair-Elect from Oct 2010 – Oct 2011; Treasurer from April-Oct, 2010)
    • Monthly skype meetings; presence on social media; communication and outreach; initiated quarterly newsletter (PDF of first issue sent out in June 2012).
    • Started new website view online
    • Liaised with ASIS&T History preconference
    • June 2012 Proposals to organize 2 panels and a workshop accepted at the ASIS&T 2012 Annual Meeting (Baltimore, MD, Oct 26-30)
    • Agarwal, N.K. and Miller, K. (submitted). Traditional Student Party (formerly known as the Secret Student Party). Proposal submitted to the ASIS&T 2012 Annual Meeting (Baltimore, MD, Oct 26-30). author full-text PDF
    • Organized 4 webinars by Bill Wisser on blended/hybrid learning (Apr 24, May 17, Jun 21, Jul 17, 2012); introduced the speaker in the first 2 webinars.
    • Planning 2 more webinars and a virtual meeting of student chapter leaders and advisors.
  • Oct 2011 – present Past Chair, SIG/HLTH – Special Interest Group on Health (Chair from Oct 2010 – Oct 2011; Chair-Elect/Vice Chair from Nov 2009 – Oct 2010)
  • Oct 2010 – present Student Chapter Representative to Chapter Assembly, ASIS&T Student Chapter Advisors (Alternative Assembly Representative from Nov 2009 to Oct 2010)
    • Planning virtual meeting of student chapter leaders and advisors in collaboration with SIG ED
    • Sep 2011 Invited and liaised with jury members for the ASIS&T Student Chapter of the Year, 2011 [read the citation and presented the award during the Awards Luncheon at Annual Meeting, Oct 11].
    • Organized a Secret Student Party, an ASIS&T tradition, at the ASIS&T 2011 Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, Oct 9-13 (addressed the students).
  • Sep 2010 Jury member for ASIS&T Student Chapter of the Year, 2010 (evaluated 3 chapters; invited to and addressed student participants at the ASIS&T 2010 conference (Pittsburgh, PA), Secret Student Party, Oct 24, 2010)
  • Nov 2009 – Oct 2010 Vice Chair, SIG/SI (Special Interest Group on Social Informatics)
  • Nov 2009 – Aug 2010 Co-faculty Advisor (along with Sheila Denn and Linnea Johnson) to the Simmons student chapter of ASIS&T


  • New England College of Optometry (NECO)/New England Eye Institute (NEEI)
    • Nov 2009 – Dec 2010 Member, Working Group, NECO/NEEI ‘Technology in Educational /Electronic  Health Records (TIEHR)’ project
  • Association of Pacific-Rim Universities (APRU) Doctoral Students Network (DSN), consisting of PhD students from 42 universities in the Pacific-Rim website
    • Aug 2009 – Aug 2010 Advisor, APRU DSN website
    • 2007-2009 Chairman, APRU DSN; provided support towards successful organization of the 10thAPRU Doctoral Students Conference (APRU DSC 2009), Kyoto, Japan, Jul 6-10, 2009; 9th APRU Doctoral Students Conference (APRU DSC 2008), Vladivostok, Russia, Jul 14-18, 2008 (gave a plenary on DSN during the conference on Jul 17); started a ‘League of Friends’ to connect PhD students in 42 universities and beyond (
    • 2006-2007 Elected Member, APRU DSN Executive Committee; provided support towards successful organization of the 8th APRU Doctoral Students Conference (APRU DSC 2007), Tokyo, Japan, Jul 30-Aug 3, 2007; gave a plenary on DSN during the conference on Aug 1.
  • Member
    • ASIS&T – The American Society for Information Science & Technology (Sep 2008 – present)
    • ALISE – Association for Library and Information Science Education (Dec 2008 – Dec 2009)
    • AIS – Association for Information Systems (May 2007 – May 2009)
    • DSI – Decision Sciences Institute (Oct 2008 – Oct 2009)

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