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हर मानव में छिपी हुई है दिव्य गुणों की आग
दिल से मर्म शिखा बस छू दो, तुरंत उठेगी जाग
(पुष्कर लाल केडिया)

“Inside every human is hidden a fire of divine qualities
Simply touch the molten tip with all your heart, and it will immediately set ablaze”


The above two lines sum up my philosophy in life. I believe that all human beings are potentially divine. So am I. Nothing is impossible for me. My purpose in life is to realise my true Self. One spark is enough.

I believe in the Universality of Brotherhood. When each one of has the same soul within, of what importance are the outward differences and colours of skin? My travels across the world and meeting people of varied types and temparements have convinced me that the difference is only outwardly. All human beings have the same basic need and craving for love. That’s all that matters! We are all blessings of the same divine spirit! Who is there to hate?

I want to spread the message of happiness throughout. A person is happy or unhappy not due to his circumstances, but due to his perception of them. I try to remain happy, always! No matter what! I want to spread happiness far and wide, inside every heart!

I want to make a lot of difference during my stay on earth. Wealth and success alone is not going to satisfy me. I shall not rest until I have realised my full potential. There’s a lot to do…a long way to go!

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