A prayer for my country this Independence Day!

Written on Saturday August 15, 2009

This independence day, I wish that my country(wo)men:

* Remember the greatness of India and its values while striving to do well materially

* Contribute to the country (whether from India or outside it) and not just know four things: ka, kha, gha and ma (ka: kaam karna – work for a living; kha: khana – eat; gha: ghar banana – build a house; ma: marna – die)

* Will not be quick to trade our passports for easy visa access or easy entry into elite universities

* Stop blaming politicians and the ‘system’ and take responsibility for bringing about change

* Strive to root out all evil from our society – whether those linked to caste, regionalism, corruption, female infanticide, intolerance, etc.

* Fight against all forms of dicrimination

* Take their lives seriously and stop the ‘chalta hai’ (its okay) attitude

* Strive towards excellence in all spheres

* Strive to uplift those weaker than us – whether physically or materially

* Strive to live for others

* Promise to bring about one positive change to the lives of others – however big or small

* Learn to be happy always and spread this happiness around the world

Jai Hind!


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