Loved the music of Hanuman – the animated movie

Sometime last month, came across the picture of the child Hanuman in the then, to-be released animated movie Hanuman. Both Archana and I thought that was the cutest depiction of Hanuman ever. Hanuman Hanuman Today, just thought we’ll see some clips from the movie. Saw the trailers Were mesmerized by the video clip featuring the energetic song Mahabali Maharudra sung by Shaan, Sonu Nigam, Palash Sen (Euphoria, Myari), Kailash Kher (Allah Ke Bande Hans de), Madhushree, Sneha Pant and Sapna Mukherjee (Trailer 3 at India FM). Not since I first heard Kabhi to Nazar Milao, Dil Se Re, Tadap Tadap Ke or Allah Ke Bande Hans De have I loved a song so much. Archana and I watched the clip almost 15-20 times back to back. It appeared like an India coming of age..the new mixing with old to create a lasting reverberation of harmony. If religion is to be taught to the new generation, this is the way….not by forcing it down people’s throats…like the reaction of a child coming out after watching the movie in the theatre, "No superman, batman for me…only Hanuman" Like saying, "I love you..I love you too…I love you three..I love you to the power infinity…I love you to the power Hanuman" The music overall is excellent, including the Hanuman chalisa, akdam bakdam, Jay Hanuman, Jay Bajrangbali… Okay..akdam bakdam..back to padhakam..exam in 1 weekam..

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