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Old English style Christmas dinner menu at Simmons Refectory
A menu for a Christmas Dinner "Following the Old English Manner" held on December 19, 1934 at six-thirty o'clock. The menu ranged from toasterettes to roast pork to plum pudding and hard sauce.

Caption: The Old English Dinner. Very picturesque, with the court in costume.
Name card, sticker with candle and holly
Name card with B. Goodrich written on it. Decorated with a sticker. The sticker is a flickering candle, and underneath it is holly and berries.
Wilbur Theatre program for "The Eldest"
A program from a presentation of "The Eldest" at the Wilbur Theatre.

Caption #1: Really a good play, and very well acted.

Caption #2: Got free tickets for this, so of course we went. Had seats in the 6th row of the orchestra, and clapped loud and long on all occasions.