Bettie's 1935 class picture
A sophomore year photograph of Bettie’s class. It is unknown why so few students appear in the photograph. Source: Simmons College (1935). Microcosm: 1935. Andover, MA, Andover Press.

Bettie's World

The years that Bettie attended Simmons, 1933-1937, were years of great change both in Boston and the rest of the world. The Great Depression affected the economy and the culture of the United States greatly, some of which is reflected in Bettie's scrapbook.

Despite the troubles of the surrounding world, Bettie was well immersed in American culture of the time. She spent much of her time exploring Boston's theaters, restaurants, and music halls, and always had something interesting to say about them.

When she wasn't having adventures off campus, Bettie was an active member of the Simmons class of 1937. Their official class colors were blue and yellow and the Raggedy Ann doll was the class mascot.

Simmons Class of 1937 Raggedy Ann mascot
Source: Jean Elizabeth Goodrich Scrapbook

The tabs on the left explore aspects of Bettie’s life and times at Simmons:

Simmons Class of 1937 paper doll
Source: Jean Elizabeth Goodrich Scrapbook

Staff photograph of Microcosm
Source: Simmons College. (1937). Microcosm: 1937. Andover, MA: Andover Press.
The yearbook photograph of the Microcosm (yearbook) staff.