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Barnaby, Inc. Florists card with dried corsage of purple orchid
A dried floral corsage and florist card delivered to Bettie at her dorm residence on Short Street. The flower is a purple orchid. Barnaby, Inc., Florists delivered the corsage from their store at 11 Harvard St.

Caption: Part of my corsage for Shuffle! It was lovely -- the purple orchid and tiny yellow roses.

Caption 2: The dance program is on the next page. I forgot to put it in here.
Program for "Aaron Richmond presents: Don Cossacks"
A program for the "fourth attraction of celebrity series, Aaron Richmond Presents the Don Cossacks" from Sunday afternoon, December sixteen at three-thirty.

Caption: Wonderful singing of course. I never heard anything more beautiful. The leader was awfully cute - a little tiny man, who is full of the devil, I'll bet. Most of the Cossacks were huge men -- very picturesque in their Russian costumes.