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Class of 1937 Simmons College sophomore luncheon menu
A program for the class of 1937 sophomore luncheon, in the shape of a woman or girl, with a seal and and the year printed on the front.

Caption: Sophomore Luncheon! Got our rings, and sat at the luncheon from one to four. The chicken croquettes poisoned everyone, so the after-effects were not so good!
Paper doll wrapped in crepe paper
A paper doll wrapped in blue crepe paper ribbons. Behind the ribbons appears the text "Bettie Goodrich".
Dance card from Simmons News Dance
A dance card in the form of a newspaper.

Caption: Had a swell time at News - Took Lorents. Felt a little sick towards the end, however, as a result of Luncheon.
Flower (gone)
The remains of a dried flower.