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Symphony Hall theatre ticket stub
Theatre ticket stub from an afternoon performance attended at Symphony Hall on November 5.

Caption: Kriesler Concert. Sat in second row of orchestra.
Metropolitan Theatre movie ticket stub from "I'm No Angel"
Movie ticket stub from the Metropolitan Theatre, Boston. Admission price is listed at 50 cents.

Caption: Saw Mae West in "I'm No Angel"
YWCA charity trinket
Small decorative badge with the words "I have pledged 'Y'" handwritten on red card stock. Attached to small looped string.

Caption: Gave a penney to YWCA -- and was priveleged [sic] to wear this little trinket.
Newspaper clipping, titled "80 and 65, They See First Movie"
Brief clipped newspaper article dated October 12, describing two older citizens in St. Johnsbury, VT, visiting the cinema to watch their first movie.

Caption: Just a little clipping Louie cut out of a New York paper and sent me. Anything to make out St. J. as a hick town!
Vienna Choir Boys advertisement
Promotional flyer for Vienna Choir Boys performance in New England Conservatory's Jordan Hall. Described as a "return visit," appearances are scheduled for evenings and afternoons, November 10-12. Prices are listed, with blank ticket order form attached at the bottom.
YWCA name tag
Brown paper triangle with "Bettie Goodrich" and "Y.W.C.A." handwritten