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Field hockey banquet place card
Place card for field hockey banquet. White construction paper cut in the shape of a hockey stick with "Betty Goodrich" written in black ink down the handle and a blue doll wearing a white dress sitting on the end of the stick, waving.

Caption: Hockey banquet! A very good dinner
Note to Bettie from Mac White
A note to Bettie from White.

Caption: A huge box of cookies from Rae! They lasted quite a while, even around here!

Transcription: Dear Bettie, Rae wanted me to send you something, so I hope you'll like these cookies. Rae is getting better but is far from well. Hastily, Mac White
Orange napkin from Halloween dinner
An orange-colored paper Halloween napkin featuring two witches riding brooms, two witches stirring a kettle, black cats, owls, pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, and houses printed on the napkin.

Caption: Just a Halloween dinner, with orange candles on the table
Clipping of Rev. Dr. Arthur L. Kinsolving from the Boston Herald
A newspaper clipping from the Boston Herald or a photo taken by Underwood & Underwood, of Reverand Doctor Arthur L. Kinsolving.

Caption: Right on the front page of the Herald! Him so sweet!