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Invitation to tea
An invitation to have tea with a friend and her friend's cousin. The meeting for tea took place at the cousin's house.

Caption: This was a swell tea - the woman is my junior sister's cousin - Has a beautiful house.
Birthday card
A birthday card for Bettie. It's from an unnamed young man.

Captions: December 4 - Had a swell birthday. Don't know why everyone gave me presents, but certainly shan't complain. Thought this was real sweet and can't imagine how he happened to remember my birthday.
Chocolate wrapper
A left over wrapper from a box of chocolates given to Betty from Bobby.

Caption: Bobby gave me a box of chocolates.
Greeting card
A card with the Simmons College seal.

Caption: Rae and Helen gave me a swell cigarette case. This was the card that came with it.