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Dartmouth College emblem
An emblem for Dartmouth College. The depicted (unofficial) mascot is a Dartmouth Indian.

Caption: Artie's very own contribution to my mem book. Sweet of him, isn't it?
Business card from "Ed" of Kentucky
A business card for Weil, McKey, Pearson & Co. for the branch at 80 Federal Street in Boston.

Caption: This is the card of a most charming young gentleman from Kentucky -- name is Ed, just so I don't forget it -- call him Suspense.
Hollis Street Theatre program
A theater program for the Hollis Street Theatre's production of "Biography: A Comedy" starring Irene Purcell. The play is directed by George L. Fogle and written by S. N. Behrman. It premiered during the week beginning Monday, April 30, 1934.

Caption: A very good little play. Nothing to rave about, but entertaining for an evening. Irene Purcell was awfully good. Talked very fast, and every minute.