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Admission slip to Freshman Frolic 1934
An invitation to the Freshman Frolic, a Simmons student tradition that takes place shortly before the end of freshman year. At this party, attendees were encouraged to dress as children and play childhood games.

Transcription: Betty Goodrich. This is your admission slip -- don't forget to bring it to the Frolic. Now Freshies!! You are going to have some fun. Just don your cutest baby clothes and come to Frolic to be held the seventh day of May out back from 4:15 to 7 o'clock on Monday.

Caption: This was a nice party. I didn't go! But they said it was fun.
Simmons College Gymnasium record of physical measurements
A record of physical characteristics.

Caption: This is certainly a lovely thing. Miss Diall is absolutely cracked -- said I had anemia -- oh well, she can't help it, poor thing, and I suppose it's her duty to give Doc Robinson some business. She'd never get any otherwise.