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Portrait photograph of Louisa Card
Photograph of Louisa Card that is now unrecognizable as a portrait.

Caption: In loving memory of our rides with Updike - Mademoiselle Card the star French pupil -
Portrait photograph of Rosalie Zimmer
Photograph of Rosalie Zimmer that is now unrecognizable as a portrait.

Caption: Three cute little Mesdemoiselles - or don't you think so? These may fade, but the spirit is still there. In fact, it can never be downed And just in case Time dulls the memory, we have with us, reading From left to right, top row, Miss Louisa Card (Always take Flit, my dear) Miss Rosalie Zimmer, And Who do you Think the other member of the trio is? You're RIGHT!
Portrait photograph of unidentified woman
Photograph portrait of a third woman. Based on the text in the margin this is probably Bettie. There are lines, arrows and circles drawn on this photograph.