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Business card from William Wallace Sprague
Card reads "William Wallace Sprague".

Caption: Had a swell dinner. Maybe I'll get the menu sometime.
Comics Carnival invitation
An invitation on behalf of the Master and members of Lowell House to the Comics Carnival on Friday, May 10 from 10-3.

Caption: Had a swell time. Went in a little blue organdy dress up to my knees, ankle socks and a hair ribbon. Cute little thing.

Caption: Music by Willard Allexander, rather than Larry Funk.
Letter from French professor
A letter addressed to Bettie from her French professor, written in French.

Transcription: Burns, Shurtleff and I took Madame out to tea. Went to the Statler. Had an awfully good time. Went over to the Public Gardens afterwards to look at the tulips.