Weeks 23-24

The Simmons Undergraduate Research Conference is approaching, so we've been finalizing some of the results from the discrepancy searches; I've been working with Stephanie and Rebecca to make a poster so that we can present the work this coming Wednesday. The Undergraduate Research Conference gives students at Simmons the chance to present their work during a poster session, and several dozen students present every year.

However, there are generally very few posters about computer science projects, so we hope to contribute somewhat to the visibility of the CS program here at Simmons. In the past, professors and students alike have been interested in CS research, and presenting in these contexts grants the Simmons community more understanding of what computer science can contribute to both within the field as well as in an interdisciplinary sense.

So, for next week, we'll finish up the visual materials (poster, data visualization, etc.), and make sure we're set to explain our work by Wednesday!