Monthly Archives: September 2015

Now that we've all gotten our CITI certifications sorted, we'll be programming soon! We've decided to use Python for this project. I'm excited for this, because I haven't used Python since my first semester here at Simmons. We've also looked at several records and discussed how we will be working with and analyzing the data.  For now, we are working with a small set of clinical narratives. Our first step will be to write a simple program to read in our files. Hopefully we will have a private server set up soon where we will be able to work with the full range of records.

The CREU Clinical Narratives project is officially underway! We're going to be spending our year studying patterns in clinical narratives using a natural language processing (NLP) approach.

This week, we met for the first time since last semester and began discussing data dissemination among the members of our student research team. Stephanie, Rebecca, and Katie signed the data use agreement contract, and we began the requisite CITI training for dealing with medical record data. We also discussed what our first steps will be once we've completed the CITI training, so we'll get started with that very soon.

Next week, we'll meet again and determine the next few steps of our project. We're all very excited -- stay tuned for more updates from the CREU crew!