Week 25 and Beyond!

This past Wednesday, Stephanie, Rebecca, and I were able to present our work during the Simmons Undergraduate Research poster session! It was a lot of fun. Simmons has a strong focus on health and life sciences, so our work was well-received, and additionally, many professors and students who stopped by seemed to learn a lot about what computer science can entail, and how it can be beneficial across disciplines and professions.

There were two other CS-based research posters that I saw, and additionally I was able to see the other Simmons CREU team present their work during one of the panels! It was great to see the culmination of the other research that's been taking place this year, and the project seemed really interesting.

Our poster was accepted for the student poster session at the upcoming Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing, so we're thrilled to be able to go (even if it might only be Rebecca!).

Overall, this has been an enjoyable, albeit sometimes challenging, year of research. I personally am grateful to have the opportunity to investigate these clinical narratives more closely, and I am actually looking into being a participant in the i2b2 challenge itself next time it rolls around! I would like to thank Professor Amber Stubbs as well as CREU and SLIS for supporting this project and being generally fantastic.