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In Conversation

Episode 5 Tom Wilson
Professor Emeritus, Former Head of Department, Information Scientist

In conversation with Tom Wilson, Professor Emeritus and former Head of Department at the University of Sheffield, UK, a holder of two honorary doctorates, founder of two journals, and the person behind the famous “Wilson’s models of information behavior”.

Trailer (0:56)

Interview (01:53:19)

Professor Emeritus Tom Wilson talks about his life from being born in a railway station, losing his father early, to a 60-year career contributing to the information field, spanning several countries and continents

00:00:00 – Introducing Tom Wilson
00:03:48 – Story in his own words
00:40:00 – Retirement
00:52:00 – Childhood
01:03:11 – Role of serendipity on important turning points in his career
01:07:58 – Important turns of his career
01:11:06 – Describing information science field and his role in it
01:17:37 – Own role in history of information science
01:20:15 – On creating models in information science
01:23:24 – People who most influenced his work and life
01:28:34 – Books that have influenced him
01:33:28 – Most significant things that had a huge influence on him
01:36:32 – Key skills developed that helped him over the years
01:41:23 – How hard times have influenced his life purpose
01:44:52 – Something he wished he knew earlier in life
01:46:27 – Life principles/values that guide him
01:49:03 – What happiness means to him
01:49:55 – What his goals are now
01:52:31 – Mentoring advice for people following in his footsteps
01:53:00 – Bloopers

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This interview was supported by the COCIS Innovation Fund at Simmons University.

Featured Photo Source: Digital Campus Magazine (2015, November 4). Documentary Filmmaker Thomas Wilson Stars in a New Meeting with our Doctors Honoris Causa. University of Murcia.

Note: Towards the end, when talking about Professor Ranganathan, Professor Wilson said “Sheffield”. He meant to say “Newcastle”.

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