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Episode 7 Michael Buckland
Emeritus Professor

In conversation with Michael Buckland, Emeritus Professor and former Dean at the University of California, Berkeley, and stalwart of the information science field,  with his 1991 paper on seeing Information as a thing cited more than 2500 times. He talks about his journey from Oxford to Sheffield to the University of Lancaster Library in England, a move to the United States in 1972, leadership roles, visiting professorships, and what keeps him going as an active researcher until today.

Trailer (0:59)

Interview (01:45:24)


00:00:00 – Introducing Michael Buckland

00:01:58 – Story in his own words

00:04:30 – His library career

00:30:47 – On starting a new career as a professor

00:36:47 – Travelling around the world

00:41:09 – Retirement

00:42:21 – Role of serendipity in turning points of his career

00:47:11 – Defining information science

00:51:58 – People who influenced his work

01:00:54 – Key skills that have helped over the  years

01:03:12 – biggest successes

01:09:45 – Resilience and difficult times

01:13:52 – Biggest challenges

01:15:54 – Something he wishes he knew earlier in life

01:16:37 – Life principles and values

01:18:12 – Current goals

01:24:24 – Mentoring advice

01:30:39 – On what keeps him going

More about Michael Buckland Wikipedia – Michael Buckland | Google Scholar

This interview was supported by the COCIS Innovation Fund at Simmons University.

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