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Episode 9 Marjorie Hlava
President, Chairman, Founder, Standards Expert

In conversation with Marjorie Hlava, an expert in taxonomies, metadata, and data science and a database, search, and standards development pioneer. She shares her life story and career highlights, starting from her early days in California and Wisconsin to working for NASA and starting her own company in New Mexico. She talks about her family’s ‘can do’ attitude and how it has shaped her professional interactions and made her more resilient.

Trailer (1:22)

Interview (01:31:43)


00:00:00 – Introducing Majorie Hlava
00:02:38 – Growing up
00:05:26 – Start of Library Science Career
00:07:50 – Work at Nasa
00:09:57 – Head of Information Department
00:12:25 – Joined SLA
00:16:31 – Building Databases and quitting to start her own business
00:19:38 – Family of Educators
00:25:33- Misogny prevented driver’s license
00:29:11 – Significant steps in career
00:36:15 – Uncovering Skulduggery at Nasa
00:43:45 – CIA Customer
00:49:34 – Standards
01:00:59 – Detecting AI
01:03:27 – Incidents that Shaped Life
01:07:43 – Access Russia
01:12:07- Key Skills
01:16:22- Challenging Times
01:19:00 – Something she wishes she knew earlier in life
01:22:05 – How to deal with people who treat others badly
01:28:04 – What does happiness mean to her

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