Resources for Student Associations

**This is a quick and dirty help page; for more info please see the attached documents**

Here you will find useful information that will help you to run the student organizations efficiently and effectively. For general policies here at SLIS, read the LISSA Guide to Being a Student Leader.


For a comprehensive guide to event planning, check out the Event Planning Packet 2018-2019 (updated Oct. 2018)
Includes information on booking rooms, ordering food, paying off-campus vendors, publicizing your meeting/event, and booking media equipment.
Event Evaluation Form
Please complete and retain for each event hosted by your student group to be turned into the LISSA Archivist at the end of each semester.

Tech Lab Resources

Please see the SLIS Tech Lab website for info on podcasting your event, blogs and wikis, and workshop series.
For mass copies, email your PDF/flier/form/etc. to [email protected]u and they will print a master. Next time you’re in the tech lab, give the attendant your Simmons ID in exchange for the group copy card. Make as many copies as you like, and return the copy card when you’re done.


Student Organization Expense Form
Vendor Registration and W-9
Budget Request Form
Example Budget Request
Example Budget Report