Show and Tell Time!

It’s Show and Tell time at Wheelock’s EARL Center

Join NEASIS&T and Simmons Student Chapter for our March Meet Up.


Mare Parker O’Toole, Assistant Director of  Earl Center for Learning & Innovation, will be showing us their new and exciting educational technologies.  They have an active makerspace and resource center.  This makes for a rich experience to research & practice your inner child and professional interests.

March 31st-Tuesday

Arrive early at 5:30 pm for networking and snack break
Show & Tell time is 6 pm
Bell rings around 7:30 (with a half hour built in for questions, networking, and more food)
Feel free to come late if need be!  We will not mark you tardy
(10 min walk from Simmons)
Easy walking distance from C, D, and E green lines. Closest to the Fenway stop of the D-Line. Next to the Wheelock Family Theatre

New ASIS&T Bulletin

This Tuesday we’re skipping the tutorial to bring you the latest issue of the ASIS&T Bulletin.

This issue is focused on search and includes an excellent article from Daniel Tunkelang on human-computer information retrieval:

In economic terms, HCIR aims to offer users better return on investment. Instead of slavishly accepting the constraints of the current interaction metaphor (users enter two words as input and see a ranked list of ten results as output) and attempting to optimize the user experience within those constraints, a search engine can allow users to get more if they give more. But what should it ask users to give? And what will users get in return?

For one perspective on what users should get in return for their search input, don’t miss this Thursday’s Lunchtime Lecture by Prof. Benoit: The ‘beautiful’ in information: philosophy of aesthetics and information visualization.