Technology in Academic and Public Libraries

Please join ASIS&T@Simmons this Friday, February 18, 2022 at 12pm ET for a talk on Technology in Academic and Public Libraries featuring Chris Kaufmann and Kevin Kidd.

Chris and Kevin will present on technology challenges faced by students and patrons in academic and public libraries.

Please use the included Zoom link to attend the virtual event.


Meeting ID: 980 3204 1630

Technology in Academic & Public Libraries

Technology in Academic & Public Libraries



ASIS&T and UXPA Meet & Greet

Joint ASIS&T/UXPA Meet & Greet event on Friday, January 28th, 2022 at 12pm ET.

Zoom Room:
Meeting ID: 996 6047 0996

The spring semester is an ideal time to discover the SLIS student chapters of the Association for Information Science and Technology and the User Experience Professionals Association.

Join us on 01/28/2022 at noon ET to meet others passionate about research, technology, and user experience design.

The joint meeting offers students a perfect place to learn about both groups and hear how you can be involved this semester and beyond. Whether you’re just starting out at Simmons or wrapping up your time in SLIS, please take the time to engage with your virtual campus community!

For more information about Simmons ASIS&T and UXPA@Simmons:

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in IS&T: Design Justice

Join us this Friday, December 10 for a special Simmons ASIS&T event on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in Information Science & Technology!

Event: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in IS&T

Date: 12/10/2021
Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST
Title: DEI in IS&T
Description: Discussion of topics related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Information Science & Technology by Simmons SLIS PhD students Chris Kaufmann and Jennifer Sunoo.
Join us via Zoom


Experience a private collection in our own backyard

French Cultural Center - Online Library

French Cultural Center – Online Library

Please join ASIS&T and SCIRRT this Friday (Nov 6th) as they tour the private collection of The French Cultural Center.


The group will first meet up at 1:15pm at the Arlington T Station.  From there the group will continue on and meet at the French Cultural Center 2pm. Please plan to arrive promptly at 2:00pm.  The Library is closed to the public on Fridays, but will be open for this special Simmons tour.

The tour of the library will be led by head librarian, Marie Lalevée. The French Cultural Center and Library was founded in Boston in 1945. It began as a one-room collection of 500 books. Today, the library holds 28,000 French language materials for all ages. It is the second largest private collection of French books, periodicals, DVDs, and CDs available in the United States.

Please contact ASIS&T Co-Chair Jesse Moskowitz or SCIRRT Co-Chair Sam Quinon with any questions.

Friday Night Lights

Welcome to SLIS TriviaSimmons SLIS Students, faculty, staff, and alumni are all invited out this Friday Night under the Boston city Lights.  Thornton’s Fenway Grill @ 7:15pm.

There will be Trivia fun, drinks, and just some relaxation before the big SLIS games begin.  Enjoy the last bits of summer before the New England Fall settles in.  Please let us know ASAP if you require accommodation.  We want to make sure everyone feels welcomed!  You can email Julia [email protected] or Jesse [email protected]

Good Times at our End of the Year Event



This past Friday, Simmons ASIS&T Student Chapter, with the help from SLIS Alumni Board and Faculty Advisor, successfully hosted our annual end of the year event.

There was fun, friends, and food which always makes for a good party.  This year we had 2 presentations, 2 past ASIS&T presidents (Candy Schwartz & Michael Leach), and 2 Simmons Beatley College Librarians joining our party ​to end another successful year.



Jennifer Ferguson (Liaison Librarian) and Annie Erdmann (Digital Asset & Electronic Resource Librarian), both from Simmons College, discussed their current project about analyzing usage, metadata, and vendor contracts related to digital media resources.



They highlighted the concept of paying per use versus the traditional up-front flat rate and how this has created a positive turn of events for Simmons Library.  Librarians are taking charge of their budgets in new innovative ways, evaluating patron usage using sophisticated technology, collaborating with other libraries, and initiating conversations with their vendors about terms of service.

Also, one of our own past ASIS&T Presidents spoke that night as well!   Michael Leach, Head of Collection Development at Harvard Cabot Library, cleverly addressed the many professional avenues for curious LIS students.  Knowledge Management, Information Architecture, and UX were just some examples that require a mix of information science and a dash of tech savvy. All of these skills are enhanced with a network of supportive folks in professional associations, like ASIS&T.  One of the key points Michael mentioned is ASIS&T is the perfect place to hone your public speaking abilities, event planning savvy, communication techniques, and other countless skills.





On behalf of Simmons ASIST&T, New England Chapter (NEASIS&T), and our Alumni Board…We Thank You for coming to the dinner and we look forward to what the future holds for us.  Happy End of the Semester and Looking forward to a fun Summer!

Year End ASIST Event and Dinner


April 24 5pm – SOM 5th floor

Join us for a light dinner, speakers,

networking, and dessert — Free

Learn more and Register:


Co-sponsored by SLIS Alumni Board

Speakers: Ann Erdmann and Jennifer Ferguson of Simmons College Beatley Library and Michael Leach of Harvard Cabot Library.

Thinking about what to do on Friday the 24th???…

thinkingApril 24 5pm – SOM 5th floor

Join Simmons ASIS&T for a Free dinner, speakers, networking, and dessert!

Learn more and Register:



Simmons ASIS&T invites you to Brave New Library: Year End ASIS&T Dinner, co-sponsored by the SLIS Alumni Board.  We will be providing a buffet style light dinner and dessert with guest speakers giving presentations on changes in collection development as we move to streaming and electronic media for video and reference collections.  We will also talk about opportunities for SLIS students to get involved and learn more about Library Information Science & Technology careers.

Speakers: Ann Erdmann and Jennifer Ferguson of Simmons College Beatley Library and Michael Leach of Harvard Cabot Library.


Meetup with Dr. Xinru Page – Discussion around privacy and human-computer interaction


and NEASIST present: Meetup with Dr. Xinru Page!

This Monday, April 13, 6:00 – 7:30 PM

Drop-ins welcome!

Room P-316 (the Collaboratory)

Join us to meet up next week with Dr. Xinru Page, an expert in location-based services and consumer privacy expectations. We’ll hear a short presentation of Dr. Page’s research, and then discuss privacy and human-computer interaction.

Want to hear about the privacy paradox and how organizations like libraries might design new location-based services — and persuade patrons to use them? Then join us on Monday!

Dissertation award pic
We need to think about information behavior if we want to design effective services and outreach — and there will be snacks!
Dr. Page won this year’s I-School’s Doctoral Dissertation Award for Factors that Influence Adoption and Use of Location-Sharing Social Media. Check out her website here to learn about her experience in industry and academia.

Save the Dates for April

save dateThree dates to pin on your calendar

April 11th, Saturday afternoon ⇒NEASIS&T meetup in Worcester, MA after the NETSL Conference

April 13th, Monday, 6pm⇒NEASIS&T meet-up at “Common Ground” Cafe on Simmons campus with Dr. Xinru Page about privacy & info behavior

April 24th, Friday, 5pm-8pm⇒ Simmons Student Chapter ASIS&T is hosting our annual networking dinner on campus!  Time to relax, meet people, and hear from terrific speakers about our industry.