Welcome to UNBOUND, a broadview bibliochatter initiative started by Simmons College SLIS which seeks to moderate and maintain an ongoing thought-provoking conversation concerning the future of libraries.

Our Mission: To initiate, facilitate, and guide innovative discussion relevant to the future of libraries and library education in a cross-disciplinary, multi-vocal context. 

Why: Here at Simmons SLIS, we are constantly engaging one another in meaningful conversations about the evolving role of libraries and library and information science education in a rapidly changing environment. We hope that by posting these conversations, reflections, and ideas here, we can go beyond the simple task of providing reactive commentary. Instead, we hope that publicly ideating in this digital space will allow us to engage in a meaningful conversation WITH you, rather than AT you. We realize that the questions that plague and intrigue us here at SLIS are not specific to us or even to LIS professionals. The questions we will publicly ponder here are for the world to decide, and for us as information professionals to lead. So please, respond to our posts, make suggestions, generate ideas, and most importantly – help us find ways to put these ideas into action!

So let’s figure this out together: What will the role of libraries and LIS education be in the future?

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