Toni Carbo

Toni Carbo and Naresh Agarwal after the interview at Brown University, Providence, RI on Dec 1, 2018.

In Conversation

Episode 4 Toni Carbo
Professor Emerita, Mentor, Leader

In conversation with Toni Carbo, Professor Emerita and former Dean at the University of Pittsburgh. The interview was recorded in Providence, Rhode Island on December 1, 2018.

Trailer (0:53)

Interview (41:47)

Professor Emerita Toni Carbo talks about her life from wanting to be an astronaut, to her involvement in the civil rights movement, and half a century of work, leadership, and mentorship in information science & technology.

00:00 – Introducing Toni Carbo
02:17 – Story in your own words
07:15 – Childhood
11:44 – People that had significant influences
17:27 – Involvement in the Civil Rights Movement
19:40 – Bringing people together
23:26 – Biggest challenges
25:16 – Meaning of happiness
27:35 – Drive and motivation to be a mentor
32:33 – Reflections on career journey
37:34 – Current goals
39:31 – Mentoring Advice

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Laila Marouf

Laila Marouf at Simmons

In Conversation

Episode 2 Laila Marouf
Academic, Professor, Administrator, Leader

In conversation with Laila Marouf, Professor and Assistant Vice President for Research at Kuwait University in Simmons College, Boston on August 15, 2018

Trailer (1:00)

Interview (43:37)

Professor and Administrator Laila Marouf talks about her experience going back to school in a different country after ten years of being a full-time mother.

00:00 – Introducing Laila Marouf
01:06 – Knowledge management
05:31 – Story in your own words
14:51 – Childhood
17:41 – People, books, or events that had significant influences
20:54 – Key skills that helped succeed
20:02 – Keeping yourself motivated
22:53 – Managing time effectively
24:03 – Working irrespective of deadlines
25:02 – Biggest successes
27:32 – Being a mother
28:29 – Cultures, Diversity, and Soft skills
31:06 – Resources for success
32:35 – Being a role model to women
34:40 – Emotional intelligence
36:11 – Relating to factors of happiness
36:40 – Strategies for managing personal growth
38:35 – Meaning of happiness
40:05 – Goals now
42:11 – Mentoring advice

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The editing of this video was supported by the COCIS Innovation Fund at Simmons University.