Students of Color @ SLIS (SoCS)

Students of Color @ SLIS (SoCS)

By Laws

Article I – Name and Purpose

This organization, Students of Color at SLIS, hereafter referred to as SoCS, was founded in the Fall of 2015 in response to a call for a greater sense of community amongst graduate students of color at the Simmons School of Library and Information Sciences. The purpose of the SoCS is to build and sustain a supportive community for graduate students of color that contributes to their academic development, social growth, and well-being. The organization’s goals are:

To provide a safe, open forum for the open exchange of the discussion of diversity in librarianship and graduate library education.
To actively promote diversity within graduate library education and librarianship.
To disseminate information on important social and political issues in graduate library education and librarianship.
To disseminate information about financial aid opportunities, internships and fellowships, especially those that promote a culturally diverse librarianship.
To facilitate above goals through various activities (seminars, meetings, fundraisers, etc).

Article II – Membership
Membership is open to current students of Simmons School of Library and Information Sciences and Simmons School of Library and Information Sciences West Campus.

Article III – Officers
The positions in this organization shall be Co-Chairs, Secretary, Treasurer, Alumni Liaison and Webmaster.
Only current students are eligible to be officers.
All officers are required to participate in at least 2/3 of all official meetings and official activities each semester.
Officers may only hold an office for one year.
Current officers are required to guide and debrief incoming officers within the first month of being out of office.

There will be two sitting Co-Chairs each semester.
Preside over all meetings.
Determine regular meeting times and dates that are best for the community.
Arrange for regular meeting locations.
Act as liaison with the School of Library and Information Science faculty, staff, and other student group leaders.
Respond to all official correspondence.
Serve as Election facilitator as needed.

Communications Officer
Keep minutes of SoCS meetings and post them in organization’s Google archive.
To maintain the information security and accessibility of all SoCS official documents.
To keep records of SoCS membership and maintain and update email list for all members.
Post meeting announcements and agendas on SoCS listserv.
Maintain and update SoCS’s positive and accessible presence in the world at large via the Internet, including posts for social media sites.

Keep accurate financial records.
Acquire and complete all forms concerning SoCS finances.
Work with the SLIS administration to complete all budget requests and reimbursements.

External Outreach Coordinator
To act as liaison with the School of Library and Information alumni of color.
In conjunction with the Secretary, to maintain records of SoCS membership and alumni of color.


Article I: Officer Meetings
Officer meetings are to be held at least twice per semester, at a day and time determined by the officers.
All officer meetings of SoCS shall be announced on the SLIS listserv two weeks in advance.
An agenda will be posted via Google for review at least one week in advance.
New items can be added to the agenda at any meeting under the “New Business” area.

Article II: Elections
Elections will be held each semester for vacant positions and shall follow LISSA policies.

Article III: Ad Hoc Representatives and Events
Ad Hoc representatives and committees shall be proposed as needed by the Officers or members and chosen by consensus.
Events can be proposed and spearheaded by any active member of SoCS.
Proposed events should meet one or more of the goals of SoCS as set out in the constitution.
Events can be proposed at a regular meeting or via email to the Co-Chairs.

Article IV: Faculty Advisor
A faculty advisor is required for SoCS.
The faculty advisor is a non-voting member.
Nominations & Elections
Faculty advisor candidates will be proposed by the membership at a regularly scheduled meeting.
Candidates will be announced via SoCS listserv.
Following the announcement, an online vote will determine which candidate will be approached first, and an alternate candidate will also be chosen. A candidate must receive a ⅔ majority vote before being considered the winner.
The Co-Chairs will ask the first faculty member if s/he will serve as advisor and post the result to the listserv. If needed, the Co-Chairs will approach the alternate candidate.
The faculty advisor will serve in the position without term limits.

Revised and adopted: April 2017