Spectra Constitution and Bylaws

Name and Purpose

Spectra is Simmons College School of Library and Information Science’s LGBT+ affinity group and its purpose is to bring together individuals who share an interest in issues that surround the LGBT+ community in the profession of Library Science. Spectra also offers a safe place for students to discuss issues that professionals face in the profession. Spectra’s goal is to promote discussion of the issues facing the LGBT+ community with allies to foster discussion and promote change within the field of Library and Information Science.

A. To provide an inclusive and friendly space for LGBT+ students at Simmons SLIS, and to foster a community of LGBT+ students, faculty, and allies both at Simmons and in the wider community.
B. To promote awareness of the LGBT+ community within Library Science, Archives, Literary and related professions by sponsoring discussions and talks with LGBT+ professionals.
C. To increase awareness of the LGBT+ community in the field of Library and Information Sciences at Simmons College School of Library and Information Sciences and within the broader Simmons College community.
D. To create a community of members who are aware of the variety of issues that the LGBT+ community faces in the professional world.
Spectra is not affiliated with any professional organization. Our advisor is Dr. Rebecka Sheffield.


Any member of Simmons College School of Library and Information Sciences is welcome to join or simply drop by. Every member has the right to vote for new elected officials. Any member is eligible to run for and hold office.


There are no dues but members are encouraged to join professional organizations such as the American Library Association or any other professional organization. Spectra itself is not associated with any professional organization.


Meetings and activities will be held on a regular basis or as time permits during the academic year.


A. The two co-chairs of Spectra oversee operations, preside over meetings, organize events, send notices to the mailing list, and manage the social media accounts of the organization. The term for the co-chairs of Spectra is one year.

B. The treasurer of Spectra keeps track of the budget for the organization, and is responsible for submitting the annual budget request. They also assist with organizing events. The term for the treasurer of Spectra is one year.

C. The secretary of Spectra takes notes at meetings, and maintains records for the organization. They submit materials to the LISSA archivist that belong in the college archives. They maintain an archive of Spectra’s meeting minutes, posters, end of semester reports, and any other materials that would be useful to documenting the history and activities of of the organization. The format of the archive is left to the discretion of the current officers, but should be in a format that is easily transferred to new officers. They help with maintaining the social media accounts, and keeping track of events posted on those accounts. They also assist with organizing events. The term for the secretary of Spectra is one year.

D. The webmaster maintains a social media presence, advertising upcoming events and publicizing event media. Sharing local non-Spectra events and articles of LGBT+ community interest is also encouraged as part of the group’s outreach and advocacy mission, as well as related intersectional media and events. Design of publicity materials may also be incorporated into the role.

E. Additional officers may be added in the future as needs of the organization dictate. Adding officers requires amending the by-laws to reflect these changes.

Revised December 15, 2018.