Progressive Librarians Guild (PLG) By Laws


This organization, Progressive Librarians Guild at Simmons College Chapter, hereafter referred to as PLG@Simmons Chapter, is affiliated with the Progressive Librarians Guild ( The purpose of the PLG@Simmons is to promote a politically/culturally progressive model of information professional practice and graduate library and information science education. The organization’s goals are:

To provide a forum for the open exchange of progressive political views on information science and graduate information science education.

To actively promote diversity and inclusiveness within graduate information science education and the information professions.

To disseminate information on important social and political issues in graduate information science education and the information professions.

To disseminate information about financial aid opportunities, internships and fellowships, especially those that promote culturally diverse and politically active information science.

To facilitate above goals through various activities (seminars, meetings, fundraisers, etc).


Affiliate membership is open only to any interested party (e.g. students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community members.) Active membership is open only to currently enrolled Simmons College students.


The positions in this organization shall be two Co-Chairs, Finance Chair, Communications Chair, and Events Chair.
Current students enrolled in Simmons University, School of Library and Information Science, are invited to nominate themselves for positions during elections, per LISSA regulations. The students elected will serve for two consecutive semesters, providing they remain a part of the program.
All officers are required to participate in at least 2/3 of all official meetings and official activities each semester, and are able to commit approximately 15-20 hours per month to their duties, including attending meetings and events.
Officer duties are as follows:

A) Co-Chairs

  • To preside over and schedule all meetings.
  • To act as liaison with the School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) faculty and staff.
  • To coordinate programs sponsored by PLG@Simmons and/or the School of Library and Information Science.
  • To respond to all official correspondence.
  • To coordinate the end-of-semester reports sent to the Dean of Students, Dr. Em Claire Knowles.
  • To approve listserv postings.

B) Communications Chair

  • To record notes and archive minutes during General Meetings and Officer Meetings.
  • To organize and maintain minutes, agendas and group records in Google Drive.
  • To notify members of meetings via Social Media and e-mail.
  • To produce fliers and posters for events and meetings, and coordinate their posting.
  • To assist Chairpersons as necessary in the organization of events and general administration.
  • To ensure the sustainability of Chairperson roles during transition periods.
  • To keep track of the rosters for each event.
  • To maintain communication with members via Facebook, Twitter, and other appropriate communication avenues.
  • At the end of each semester submit flyers to LISSA Archivist.
  • To complete end-of-semester communications and attendee reports.

C) Finance Chair

  • To keep accurate financial records.
  • To oversee payment of institutional membership dues to the national organization.
  • To acquire and complete all forms concerning annual PLG@Simmons budget.
  • To oversee reimbursements to Chairpersons and document spending in running budget.
  • To plan for the spending of all annual allocated funds, and update as necessary.
  • To complete end-of-semester finance reports.

D) Events Chair

  • To form committees for specific events, reserve spaces, organize food and supplies, post to the LISSA Calendar.
  • To liaise with other student groups (graduate and undergraduate, SLIS and outside SLIS) looking for opportunities for collaboration
  • To liaise with non-Simmons groups in Boston that represent the community and/or the information professions (like Radical Reference)
  • To maintain Events spreadsheet.
  • To complete end-of-semester event reports.

Officer elections shall be held when determined appropriate by LISSA.
All elections will be executed by LISSA.
PLG@ Simmons will provide Assistant dean Em Claire Knowles and the LISSA president with bylaws and updated officer information to fulfill election proceedings as requested.

Article V – ADVISOR
Per Simmons College student group regulations, a faculty advisor will be named who will provide occasional guidance to the group, including perspective for institutional memory.
The Advisor is a non-voting member.

The Constitution may be amended by approval of a majority vote of members taken at general community meetings.

Community meetings will be held at least once per semester, and will be open to all current SLIS students.

(last revised on) 12/12/2018