Association of Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T) Bylaws

Mission and Vision Statement

The Simmons Association of Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T) is a student chapter of the international ASIS&T organization. We aim to promote a greater understanding of technology’s diverse role in libraries, archives, cultural heritage and other information-based institutions. We support professional development and encourage discussion of relevant issues surrounding technology and information in society. We hold a variety of events throughout the year in order to augment students’ knowledge, skills, and understanding of information science and technology. We also seek to keep students informed about various opportunities in the field – scholarships/ awards, conferences, calls for paper, job postings, etc.

Positions and Duties

Below is all Simmons ASIS&T positions and their assigned duties. All board members agree to assist in the execution of events if possible and to attend Student Leader Meetings when their schedule allows. Furthermore, some positions will be required to be “in-person,” meaning that the position can only be held by someone who is located at the Boston Campus for Simmons College due to the various duties associated with their position. Such positions will be noted in the description of their position. Every position is responsible for contacting new officers and giving a brief run-through of the position’s responsibilities.

Co-Chair (2 positions) – The Co-Chairs serve as the head of Simmons ASIS&T. They are responsible for carrying out the administrative and event planning aspects of the group. This is a position that can only be held by someone located at the Boston Campus these duties include:

  • Event Planning
  • Scheduling of Board Meetings
  • Delegation of tasks for larger events
  • Manages listservs
    • asistlist
  • Manages access to the ASIS&T Google Drive Folder
  • Submission of End of Semester reports to LISSA
  • Communication with Simmons ASIS&T Faculty Advisor.
  • Work with Faculty Advisor to submit yearly report to National ASIS&T organization
  • Communication with other student groups for collaboration events.
  • Ensuring that other board members contact new members who take over the position to ensure a smooth transition to a new board.

Secretary (1 Position) At this time, there is not a means for attending student leader meetings via streaming services.

  • Attend Student Leader Meetings (when possible)
  • Keep meeting minutes of board meetings

Treasurer (1 position) – The treasurer is responsible for managing and documenting all aspects of ASIS&T finances. At this time, some duties of the treasurer are unable to be completed from a distance. This includes:

  • Keeping an accurate record of all money spent and received
  • Maintaining the budget
  • Completing reimbursement forms
  • Carrying out financial contributions sponsorships with other student organizations
  • Any delegated tasks given by co-chair (within reason)

NE-ASIS&T Liaison (1 Position) – The NEASIS&T Liaison will be responsible for communicating and collaborating with the New England ASIS&T Chapter. Duties include:

  • Attend monthly NEASIS&T Programming Committee Meetings (virtual)
  • Promote NEASIS&T events to Simmons ASIS&T members
  • Promote Simmons ASIS&T events to NEASIS&T members

Webmaster (1 Position) – This is a position that can be managed and executed from a distance.
The Webmaster is responsible for managing the Chapter’s website and blog. To fulfill this role, one should have some basic knowledge of web development/design languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as some familiarity with using a content management system such as WordPress. It would also be a plus for the person serving in this capacity to have a basic knowledge of graphics editing applications such as Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, or Illustrator as this can come in handy for editing visual media that will appear on the site and blog.

Some of the duties involved for this position include:

  • Blog
    • Edit content that appears on the blog (ex: add, update, and remove posts) so as to inform visitors of upcoming events, activities, meetings, and opportunities
    • Style the blog – modify the layout and color scheme
    • Create widgets, menus, and pages as needed
    • Utilize other customization and dashboard settings to manage the blog
  • Website
    • Maintain the folders, files, and other assets that make up the site
    • Add, edit, and remove content
    • Update site layout and styles as needed
    • Keep the site up-to-date with relevant information pertaining to events, activities, meetings, opportunities, and so forth

When working on the blog or website, should any technical-related issues arise, the Webmaster should attempt to resolve the matter on their own or seek out the proper entity at Simmons who can assist with the resolution of the given issue.

Communications Officer (1 Position) – At this time, given some of the in-person promotional duties of the position, this position should be someone located on campus. However, if co-ordinated with other on campus students, the position could be done from a distance.

  • Manage Social Media Profile for Simmons ASIS&T.
  • Make flyers and other paper promotional materials. (It would be a plus for the person serving in this capacity to have a basic knowledge of graphics editing applications such as Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, or Illustrator.)
  • Distribute promotional emails for events and seminars via the listserv.
  • Make sure that new board has access to all social media before vacating the position.

Yearly ASIS&T Report

Working with the Simmons ASIS&T Faculty Advisor, the Co-Chairs will put together the year’s events, budget, and status of the club. This report will be submitted to the National ASIS&T Organization during the summer. The LISSA end of Semester reports can be used to put together the basics of events.

LISSA End of Semester Reports

Every semester the Co-Chairs are responsible for putting together the End of Semester Report and submitting it to LISSA. Past end of semester reports can be found in the Simmons ASIST Drive Folder (

The following format should be used.

[Name of Event]
[Date, Duration, Location]
Attendance: # People


The following guidelines have been put in place to ensure that events get scheduled and executed in a manner that is conducive to making sure that Simmons ASIS&T is an active group on campus and online.

  1. Events should try to be scheduled with a two week window before the event. Events that require communication with other entities at Simmons should have a wider window to allow for any scheduling conflicts.
    1. Note: Scheduled is defined as agreement of a time and availability for members and submitted to the LISSA Secretary for them to put in the calendar. Any room reservations should also be made two weeks before the event to ensure that there’s no conflicts.
      1. To add an event to the LISSA calendar, email:
      2. For Lounge Reservations fill out the following form:
      3. For the TechLab and Collaboratory Contact:
  2. Consult the Event Calendar from LISSA before coming up with dates for events. We do not want events to overlap with other organizations.
    1. Co-Chairs should make sure that they have access to the calendar through their emails. If you do not have access, contact
    2. The LISSA Events Calendar can be found at the following address:
  3. Events should be advertised on all mediums that Simmons ASIS&T has available including:
    1. The Simmons ASIS&T listserv:
    2. Facebook:
    3. Twitter: (@SimmonsASIST)
    4. Simmons ASIS&T Website:
  4. Any Event that has a panel or lecture should have the Media Lab involved for recording so that the event can be made available online for students who are unable to attend the event in person.
    1. The MediaLab can be contacted at:
  5. When printing flyers for the event, always make sure to drop a flyer in the LISSA archivist box so that they have the event on record. Email the poster and they will make color copies for us for free.

Last Revised: December 2018