Fall 2021 – Open ASIS&T Board Positions

Would you like to burnish your leadership skills? Do you have an interest in Information Science or Information Technology?

Simmons ASIS&T has the following open board positions and we would like to invite students at SLIS Boston, SLIS West, or online students who would be interested.

We welcome students from all tracks!

Secretary (1 Position) 

Duties include:

  • Attending Student Leader Meetings (when possible)
  • Keeping meeting minutes of board meetings

Treasurer (1 position)

The Treasurer is responsible for managing and documenting all aspects of ASIS&T finances. Duties include:

  • Keeping an accurate record of all money spent and received
  • Maintaining the budget
  • Completing reimbursement forms
  • Carrying out financial contribution sponsorships with other student organizations
  • Any delegated tasks given by co-chair (within reason)

NE-ASIS&T Liaison (1 Position)

The NEASIS&T Liaison will be responsible for communicating and collaborating with the New England ASIS&T Chapter. Duties include:

  • Attending monthly NEASIS&T Programming Committee Meetings (virtual)
  • Promoting NEASIS&T events to Simmons ASIS&T members
  • Promoting Simmons ASIS&T events to NEASIS&T members

Webmaster (1 Position) 

The Webmaster is responsible for managing the Chapter’s blog. To fulfill this role, one should have some familiarity with using a content management system such as WordPress. Duties include:

  • Editing content that appears on the blog (ex: add, update, and remove posts) so as to inform visitors of upcoming events, activities, meetings, and opportunities
  • Styling the blog – modify the layout and color scheme
  • Creating widgets, menus, and pages as needed
  • Utilizing other customization and dashboard settings to manage the blog

If you are interested in being considered for any of the above open positions or have questions pertaining to the duties/responsibilities of a particular position(s), please send an email to Jennifer Sunoo ([email protected]), and Nick Bodanza ([email protected]), the co-chairs of the Simmons ASIS&T Student Chapter.

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