Member of the Month: Jae Jennifer Rossman

ASIS&T Simmons Member of the month: Jae Rossman, Ph.D. Student. Includes profile picture of Jae.

This month we are featuring Jae Jennifer Rossman, a current Ph.D. student who also got an MLIS from Simmons. Read more to learn about how ASIS&T has helped Jae’s research and career.

How long have you been in SLIS, and what program are you in?

I am in the Ph.D. program, which I started in fall 2015.

What are you working on right now?

My dissertation! I’m in the research phase, doing interviews and looking for supporting documents in archives.

How has being involved with ASIS&T Simmons (or ASIS&T in general) helped you move forward in your LIS career?

ASIS&T publications have been very important for me over my career. From studying for comps or just keeping up with the field, I know that I’ll always find quality ideas and research supported by ASIS&T.

Any pets at home?

Yes! We just adopted two adorable kittens. The last time I adopted a kitten was 1998, when I started at Simmons for my master’s degree. It seems appropriate to again have the joy of kittens at a time when I’m again figuring out what the next step in my career will be.

Thank you, Jae, for sharing your experiences.

Stay tuned for more next semester!