Member of the Month: Wenqing Lu

ASIS&T Simmons Member of the month: Wenqing Lu, Ph.D. Student. Includes profile picture of Wen.

This month we’re kicking off our “Member of the Month” series, highlighting the work of Simmons students and their involvement with ASIS&T. Throughout the series we will learn more about our peers, get inspiration, and celebrate the achievements of our community.

To start, we are featuring Wenqing (Wen) Lu, a current Ph.D. student who participates regularly in ASIS&T annual meetings. We asked Wen a few questions about her work. Check out Wen’s responses to learn about how ASIS&T can impact your career.

How long have you been in SLIS, and what program are you in?

I started my Simmons life in 2012 Fall. I finished my master’s program in LIS in 2014, and now I’m at the end of the Ph.D. program in LIS.

What are you working on right now?

I’m revising my dissertation paper, participating in some academic research projects, and doing job-hunting.

How has being involved with ASIS&T Simmons (or ASIS&T in general) helped you move forward in your LIS career?

For me, ASIS&T is a great platform for presenting my research findings in the LIS fields. With co-authors, I presented some long papers and short papers to ASIS&T Annual Meetings (AM) since 2018. Last year, I was honored to be invited as a reviewer in the poster session of ASIS&T AM 2020. In addition, one of my co-authored papers received the “Best Information Behavior Conference Paper Award, 2020” in the SIG-USE Annual Symposium of ASIS&T. These are very important experiences for me. Besides the annual meetings, I visit the ASIS&T website from time to time, reading news, checking job postings, and signing up for events that are related to my study fields. This is very helpful information for me.

What is your current obsession?

Lego Technic. We are working on a Lego Lamborghini with over 3000 pieces.

Thank you, Wen, for sharing your experiences.

If you’d like to share your work or experiences as a featured member, be sure to fill out the Member of the Month survey.¬†¬†Stay tuned for more next month!