ASIS&T Student Feature: Zhan Hu

Congratulations to student Photograph of doctoral student Zhan HuZhan Hu for winning our raffle during our virtual meet and greet! 🎉
Zhan Hu is a doctoral student at SLIS. Entering her fifth year in the program, Zhan is currently working on her preliminary literature review for her dissertation proposal.  She also assists in managing the Research Data Management Librarian Academy (RDMLA) program and the Interprofessional-Informationist (IPI) program. Her research interests include knowledge management, the ecological approach of information research, user experience and usability testing, and research data management. Her dissertation will investigate the Information Horizon framework’s application in studying working parents’ information behaviors during COVID-19.
Zhan has been a student member of ASIS&T  for several years and has attended and presented at the past three ASIS&T annual conferences. The ASIS&T Annual Conference is a great way to get updated on emerging research topics and trends, share and exchange research ideas with renowned scholars and peers, and also social-network for career building and collaboration opportunities. Aside from the yearly event, Zhan also finds the ASIS&T webinars and ASIS&T publications to be very informative in learning about different research topics. Volunteering and participating in various Special Interest Groups (SIG) is another excellent way to get more involved with one’s research interests and communicate with researchers who share similar passions.
Keep up your awesome work, Zhan!