Tutorial Tuesday: Yahoo Pipes

Learn to use Yahoo Pipes by building something useful with this tutorial from Tony Hirst’s blog. Dr. Hirst presents a practical and focused use of the Yahoo Pipes service for tracking journal articles by subject.

2D Journal Search

Even if you’re not working in an academic library environment, as students we need to keep up with LIS literature. Try building a Pipe focused on your LIS interests or even the journals recommended by your professors this semester. Leave a link to your Pipe in the comments!

Worth noting:

Many URIs effectively provide an API to a web service. If you ever see a search form, run some queries using it, and look at the URIs of the results page. If you can see your search terms in the URI, you are now in a position to construct your own queires to that service simply by using the URI, rather than having to go by the search form.

Look for more on using APIs in next week’s Tutorial Tuesday!

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