Spring 2021

President: Kelli Costello
Secretary/Archivist: Dymond Bush
Treasurer: Kathy Griffin
Webmaster: Nick Bodanza

Fall 2020

President: Kelli Costello
Secretary/Archivist: Dymond Bush
Treasurer: Kathy Griffin
Webmaster: Nick Bodanza

Spring 2019

President: Puck Malamud
Vice President: Maria Lentini
Secretary: Kelly Potter
Treasurer: Adaliz N Cruz
Webmaster: Sarah Arena
Archivist: Sarah Muellers

Fall 2018

President-Elect: Puck Malamud
Secretary: Kelly Potter

Past officers for Spring 2017:

Webmaster: Michelle Janowiecki

Archivist: Katie Allen

Treasurer: Elizabeth Reilly

Past officers for Fall 2016:

President: Mason Fields

Mason is interested in Special Libraries because it is such a broad category. Special libraries offer opportunities to work in wide variety of settings. Settings that can be very similar or quite divorced from the traditional idea of what a library looks like. Each of these settings comes with unique and interesting challenges that make force the librarian to think outside the box, they also offer the chance to apply LIS skills in places people wouldn’t usually think they belong.

Vice President: Ola Canty

Ola has worked in a corporate environment before and understands why corporations and other organizations would care to retain their history and records beyond being prepared for audits. She foresees an increase in demand for librarians and archivists in these organizations, and wants to be ahead of the curve.

Treasurer: Elizabeth Reilly

Webmaster: Michelle Janowiecki

Archivist: Katie Allen

Past officers for the 2015-2016 year:

President: Katie Glasoe 

Originally from St. Paul, MN, Katie moved to Boston to pursue her MLIS at Simmons College. She has worked in a variety of special libraries including: the Ramsey County Historical Society, the National Fire Protection Association, the historical collections at Harvard Business School's Baker Library, and most recently at Biogen. Katie expects to graduate in May of 2016 and hopes to continue working in special libraries.

President-Elect: Mason Fields

Vice-President: Eliana Fenyes

Eliana especially enjoys how working in a special library requires you to build your knowledge base in fields outside of LIS. She is an information professional who loves learning new things can delve deep into a field like law, business, art, or even sports and can become a specialist in that area.

Secretary: Nicole T. Cunha

Nicole is pursuing a dual Children's Lit and Library Science degree. She is anticipating graduation in May 2016. One thing that you know about me: my hometown/elementary school librarian introduced me to librarianship extremely early.

Treasurer: Ola Canty

Webmaster: Chris Moua

Chris recently interned with Bain & Company, a world leading consulting group. In addition, she also worked at the School of Museum of Fine Arts. She recently moved to D.C. to pursue a LIS internship with the Department of the Navy. She hopes to further her knowledge and her career path with the armed forces and continue to mark a path in the LIS field.

Archivist: Andrea Hetley

Andrea wants to learn about all kinds of libraries, both traditional and non-traditional. Andrea currently interns at the WGBH Media Library & Archives.  Andrea is interested in finding a job in the archives field. She enjoys working with a variety of different document and media types of different ages.

Contact Andrea via email.

Spring 2015

President: Carenanne Torrey

Caren received her MLIS in the Spring of 2015 with a concentration in Academic Libraries. Contact Caren via LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter.

Secretary: Katie Irwin

Katie Irwin is pursuing a general track in the School of Library and Information Science with emphasis on special libraries. After graduating from the College of the Holy Cross in 2009 with a Bachelor's Degree in both Political Science and French, she earned a paralegal certificate from Boston University and spent five years working in that capacity for various law firms. Recently, she started a position as a technical services assistant in the Goodwin Procter LLP law library assisting with user electronic services and print materials.

Archivist: Caitlin Reeves

A native of Atlanta, Caitlin migrated to Boston in pursuit of a Master's in both Library Science and History. She is currently halfway through her studies at Simmons and works with the Public Service team at the Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America. With a background in performance art and puppetry, Caitlin hopes to balance her creative and professional pursuits by fostering collaborative relationships between archivists and artists.

Treasurer: Simone Schloss

Simone Schloss, SLA@S Treasurer, enrolled at Simmons to update her professional skills. She loves being involved in student leadership! Before raising her children, she was a financial manager in both the private and public sectors. She’s halfway through the SLIS program and expects to graduate in May 2016. She is studying technology, data management, and business librarianship.

Fall 2014:

President: Roya Bahrami 


President: Liz Urbanczyk

Vice-President: Dhruti Bhagat

Contact Kari via LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter.

Webmaster and President-Elect: Roya Bahrami

Archivist: Anna Martin