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MLBN Open Data & Final Docs Published

I’m incredibly excited to announce that after three years of research, we have successfully completed our IMLS funded Measuring Library Broadband Networks (MLBN) project! All of our broadband measurement data, as well as all of the technical documentation related to … Continue reading

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Data & Decision Making: Internet Measurements in Libraries

By Georgia Bullen and Kelsey Smith of Simply Secure Over the past two years teams from Simmons University, Measurement Lab, and Internet2 have worked together, and more recently with Simply Secure and Throneless Tech, to build a tool that gives power of … Continue reading

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New MLBN Explainer Video

Want to get a fantastic overview of our Measuring Library Broadband Networks (MLBN) project? Check out our new video, courtesy of Carson and Jessikha Block: The video gives an explanation of the project and talks about what participating libraries can … Continue reading

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Research Featured on MIT’s Network Sovereignty Blog

We are honored to announce that our research is featured in the following post, titled “Networks, Knowledge, and Power in U.S. Public Libraries,” featured on the MIT Network Sovereignty blog, a NSF-funded research project led by Principal Investigators, Ramesh Srinivasan (UCLA) … Continue reading

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Hollis Public Library in Southeast Alaska

There are rural libraries and then there are Alaska bush libraries. The Hollis Public Library (pictured right) is one such library located in Southeast Alaska, which the locals often refer to as the “The Gateway to Prince of Wales Island.” … Continue reading

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Measurement System Live at Truro Public Library

In early January, we visited the Truro Public Library on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We met with Director, Tricia Ford and successfully installed our first three measurement devices for our research. This early site visit was intended to help generate real … Continue reading

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2018 Project Updates

The MLBN project team has been in a flurry of activity over the last 6 months. This post is a broad overview of our research progress, and moving forward we hope to post more regular public updates. Participatory Design Workshop … Continue reading

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Welcome to the website for our research project, titled “Measuring Library Broadband Networks for the National Digital Platform.” Over this two-year project, researchers at Simmons University, along with New America’s Open Technology Institute, and Internet2, will examine how advanced broadband measurement capabilities … Continue reading

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