Research Featured on MIT’s Network Sovereignty Blog

We are honored to announce that our research is featured in the following post, titled “Networks, Knowledge, and Power in U.S. Public Libraries,” featured on the MIT Network Sovereignty blog, a NSF-funded research project led by¬†Principal Investigators, Ramesh Srinivasan (UCLA) and Lisa Parks (MIT).

Here is more information about the project from the website:

“The blog is inspired by path-breaking research by Saskia Sassen (2000), Wendy Chun (2008), Marisa Duerte (2017), and others, and explores the extent to which communities and people feel empowered and/or controlled by network infrastructures. How are local communities situated in relation to network facilities or endpoints? Who owns and operates the network facilities in communities? Who in the community knows how network facilities work? What local knowledges/ontologies emerge in relation to network infrastructures? How are these infrastructures embedded in everyday life? We are especially interested in studying the sociotechnical relations of low-income, rural communities.”

Read more here:

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