Welcome to the AMIA Student Chapter at Simmons College!

Whether you’re a film enthusiast, working with audiovisual materials in your job or internship, or have seen AV archiving skills listed in job postings, it’s becoming increasingly clear that we can’t ignore analog and digital moving image formats as archivists. Preserving and providing access to these materials can be incredibly interesting, fun and rewarding.

This AMIA chapter creates opportunities for LIS students to engage in the study and preservation of moving images through workshops, seminars, symposiums, screenings, and other educational events and forms of programming. The city of Boston is renowned internationally as a center of arts, culture, and history, of which moving image materials have played a vital role, and we intend to partner with various organizations in the region to arrange field trips, lectures, and other projects aimed at enhancing students’ exposure and understanding of moving image archival theories and practice.

Update: Changes to the AMIA Student Chapter Bylaws 

We have made changes to our bylaws! Take a look at the AMIA Student Chapter bylaws and send any comments to [email protected].