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Looking good, locker library!
If any of you in the Simmons community would like to stop by PLG’s pop-up library, it is located on the second floor of the Palace Road building near the Tech Lab at Locker Number 124. The combination is 49-39-25. There are a few books there now, but some are on order, as we continue to improve our pop-up library. To check out what we have and what will be getting in the future, see our Library Thing catalog.

Our mission statement: The PLG@Simmons Locker Library exists to serve the greater Simmons community. It aims to be dynamic, not static, which means it is always growing and changing to reflect the current interests of PLG and the wider community. In stocking the PLG@Simmons Locker Library with materials not widely available, we support individuals in their pursuit of knowledge and self-edification, champion the freedom of information, and further progressive ideals.

Our etiquette suggestions are:

  • Treat books like you would regular library books.
  • A large proportion of books in this library are out of print, small press, or self-produced. That means they’re basically priceless! Please make sure you return books when you’re done with them.
  • The suggested loan period is one month.
  • If you have a book/zine/other bound set of paper to donate, please fill out the slip and leave it in your donated book so that we can add it to the catalog.
  • For every book you borrow from the library, tell one friend or colleague about it. Help us spread the word!
  • To suggest titles, email or fill out the form on Survey Monkey: here or here.

How to open the locker: Clear lock by turning to the right three full times. Stop of the first number after three turns. Turn lock to the left and pass over second number once, then stop on the second number. Turn right and stop on the third number. Push up latch and open.