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Co-Chairs (2)

The co-chair will work closely with the present co-chair to determine the priorities and objectives of Simmons PLG. They will take a leadership role in planning events (both for PLG and in partnership with other student groups) and recruiting new members. The co-chair will be also responsible for attending student leadership meetings, advising days, and other administrative duties as required. This position requires a substantial time commitment, and should be the candidate's first priority in terms of involvement in student organizations.


The treasurer will balance the budget of the Progressive Librarians Guild. Responsibilities will including keeping members, especially co-chairs, informed about financial standings, managing funds so that they may last for the entire semester, and writing budget proposals at the end of each semester.


The secretary will seek to document the activities of Simmons PLG. Responsibilities will include: taking minutes at meetings, as needed and giving those minutes to the Social Media officer to be posted on the blog.

Community Outreach Coordinator

The Community Outreach Coordinator will seek to publicize the activities of Simmons PLG. Responsibilities will include: advertising PLG events; writing synopsis of events; reaching out to student groups and building partnerships with local organizations. They should have an interest in reaching out to other student organizations, meeting with their executive boards and identifying opportunities to co-sponsor or co-organize events. This position works closely with co-chairs on events and programming.

Social Media

The Social Media officer works closely with the Co-Chairs and the Secretary/Archivist. Responsibilities include keeping the wiki up to date, posting meeting minutes on the blog, writing for the blog as well as receiving and posting student submissions. This officer also keeps the content of the PLG's Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook pages up to date. All members of the student chapter of the Progressive Librarians Guild are welcome to contribute to the PLG blog. Please inquire with current officers for login information.


The archivist duties include developing and maintaining a basic records management program for PLG documents and correspondence.

REFORMA Student Representative

The REFORMA Student Representative will serve as the student liaison to the Northeast Chapter of REFORMA. Responsibilities include: communicating with the NE Chapter and coordinating events to further the goals of REFORMA & PLG.

RIP Past Officer Descriptions, Spring 2012