Chewing the Facts

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The PLG at Simmons has been hosting "Chewing the Facts" the Spring semester of 2011.

It is a series that intends to provoke thought, discussion, & brainstorming towards social, political, & intellectual issues facing libraries & archives today. Generally, we read an article together and hold a discussion once a month during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Upcoming Event

As part of “Open Access Week”, we’ll be discussing Denise Troll Covey’s “The Ethics of Open Access to Research: A Call for Civil Disobedience and Moral Courage”, from Progressive Librarian #33, and Jason Puckett’s “Digital Right Management as Information Access Barrier” from Progressive Librarian #34-35 (article can also be found at Want to discuss something else you’ve read or wanted to read? That’s great, too!

Past Chewing the Facts