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Terms of Use of the Ruth D. Gates Digital Library

Simmons College Archives

Invitation to Fair Use of Content

The Ruth D. Gates Digital Library consists of a compilation of digital surrogates of materials collected in Ruth D. Gates’ Simmons College scrapbook, along with supplementary digital content created and collected for the Digital Library. The Digital Library invites you to make fair use of this Content for personal, educational, and other non-commercial purposes. By doing so, you agree to abide by the following terms.

Intellectual Property Rights in the Content

The Simmons College Archives owns the compilation of Content in the Ruth D. Gates Digital Library Collection. However, the Archives does not own copyright in every individual component of the Content. For the vast majority of published material that is digitized in the Collection, either (1) copyright is known to have expired or (2) it is held in all reasonable likelihood to have expired. For the unpublished material in the Collection, including personal photographs, correspondence, and other handwritten or crafted items, copyright protections remain in force. The Simmons College Archives has made a good-faith determination that digitizing and publishing surrogates of these materials as Content for the Collection is sanctioned by the Fair Use Exemption of the United States Copyright Act.

Permitted Use of the Content

The Ruth D. Gates Digital Library welcomes you to make fair use of the Content, as defined by Section 107 of the United States Copyright Law (17 U.S.C.A § 107). Please be advised that you, the user, are responsible for judging the applicability of the law to your intended use. Please be aware, in addition, of two conditions on your use of the Content:

  1. The use must be non-commercial only;
  2. The use must be accompanied by a citation of (and, where applicable, a link to) its source in the Ruth D. Gates Digital Library.

Comments, Concerns, Requests?

If you wish to submit a question or report an issue concerning the Content in the Collection -- for example, queries about securing permission for uses of Content that exceed the Fair Use Exemption, or assertions of ownership of copyright in material digitally represented in the Collection -- please contact the Simmons College Archives by email at archives@simmons.edu, by telephone at 617.521.2441, or at the following mailing address:

Simmons College Archives
300 The Fenway
Beatley Library, 2nd Floor
Boston, MA 02115

March 22, 2017