Basic Search

A photograph of the top search bar

To complete a simple search of the Marion Ringwood Digital Scrapbook Library, use the search bar in the top right corner. Using the search bar function will search the entire site, including Lessons Plans and “Life & Times” text.

  • Type a keyword you want to further explore about Marion’s life. (Note: if the term you are searching does not pull any responses, try different spellings - i.e., “May Day” will not pull any responses, but “mayday” will)
  • Hit the enter key or click the magnifying glass button.

Adjusting Basic Search Options

A photograph of the search options

You can change the search options for a basic search by clicking on the ellipsis ("...") button. The drop-down menu will allow you to check or uncheck what content is included in the search results.

The drop-down menu will also allow you to change the query type from “Keyword” to “Boolean” or “Exact Match”.

  • Boolean operators include: AND, NOT, OR.
  • Exact match will find a word or phrase that entirely matches your search word or phrase.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search is located under the search bar in the top right corner. By clicking on it, you will be sent to the “Search Items” page. The Advanced Search function will only search the Scrapbook Items.

You may complete as many fields as you want.

A photograph of the keyword search

Search for Keywords field: This is a very general search of items, similar to the basic search function outlined above.

A photograph of the search by fields

Narrow by Specific Fields: There are two drop-down menus. The first allows you to choose a metadata field you would like to search (Title, Subject, Type, etc.). The second provides options to change how your entry is searched within the metadata field (options are: contains, does not contain, is exactly, is empty, is not empty, starts with, ends with).

The final “Search for Items” button is located at the bottom of the page.