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I'm having problems with the search function: what am I doing wrong?

  • The search box in the upper right corner searches the entire site. To search items in the scrapbook, please use the Advanced Search.
  • The keyword search has difficulty with short words, such as "art" or "hat." For better search results using short words use the Advanced Search.
  • "Or" is the default for keyword searches. If you search for "Copley tickets" all items containing “Copley” or “tickets” will be returned.
  • Search for multiple forms of a word with truncation (use the asterisk*). For example a search for ‘music*’ could return items with the terms ‘musical,’ ‘musicians,’ etc.
  • Omeka does not support “and” searches.

How do I cite items in the scrapbook?

  • When using materials from the digital scrapbook, credit all materials according to the following example:
    “Title of Item.” The Louise Lincoln Digital Scrapbook. Boston: Simmons College Archives. URL Link

Can I reuse images or information from this site?

Where can I find more projects like this?

Who can I contact with more questions?

  • The Simmons College Archives: by phone at 617.521.2441, or by email at archives@simmons.edu.

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