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6th-9th grade

Investigative Journalism

Lesson Overview:

Students will write newspaper articles about things or events that are important to their own lives that they would be willing to put in a scrapbook of their own.


  • Engage students in community
  • Exercise journalistic skills

Materials Needed:

  • Computer
  • Louise's scrapbook


One class and whatever at-home time needed

Lesson Procedure:

  • Introduce students to Louise's scrapbook.
  • Pay particular attention to the various newspaper articles documenting different aspects of Louise's life and interests.
  • Have students choose an event in their life, whether related to school or sports teams, events in the community, etc; An event or thing that is important to their lives that they would put in a scrapbook of their own lives.
  • Once articles are written, students will share the events and things they chose to write about and compile them into a single class newspaper.

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