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4th-5th grade

School Schedule

Lesson Overview:

This project will help students connect the past with the present and have them understand the importance of schedules and creating objects to remember in the future.


  • Introduce the concept of a historical artifact
  • Understand time and develop planning/organizational skills

Materials needed:

  • Computer and projector
  • Louise’s scrapbook
  • Paper
  • Writing materials


One class period

Lesson Procedure:

  • Ask students if their parents or guardians have calendars at home. Tell them that every year, we get new schedules at home and for school. Ask them if they know their own schedule. Ask if they have a chart somewhere that shows them their schedule.
  • Show the class Louise's scrapbook. Explain that she created it 75 years ago.
  • Explain to the class that everyone has a schedule, even people who lived hundreds of years ago.
  • Show them Louise's schedules and how they changed every year with different classes. Explain that their schedules and classes change every year too.
  • Ask students if their parents or guardians save their report cards and special papers. Explain that Louise saved these things too because they were important to her. That by putting it into a scrapbook, she could remember what she did 75 years later.
  • Have students write up and decorate their own school schedules. Note: Pass out prepared photocopies of an empty schedule framework so students can fill in the blanks.

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