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1st-3rd Grade

Design a theater booklet

Lesson overview:

This project will help students connect to the past, involve them with their school, and utilize their creative and artistic skills. Theater booklets and materials from the Louise Lincoln scrapbook are shown and discussed. The students will then create their own theater playbill cover for their school's play.


  • Creativity
  • Increased school participation
  • To investigate historical documents


One class period plus any assigned home time


  • Computer and projector
  • Louise's scrapbook
  • Paper and coloring materials (can be done at home)

Lesson Procedure:

  • Show the class Louise's scrapbook. Pay particular attention to the playbills, ticket stubs, and the theater booklets. Ask if students have even been to a play or a show before.
  • Ask the students if they know what the school play is that year and if any of the students are involved with it.
  • Have the students design and draw a theater book cover for the school play.
  • Once they are all finished, hang them on a display board in the hallway near the auditorium or outside of the classroom.

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